Not here anymore…

Over at my new blog Homefront Hubbub. Yes, I change blogs too often! ;-)

Love one another!


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Joshua’s blog…

Joshua has his own blog now! If you want to visit him, he’s at Pooh Bear’s Adventures.

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New recipe blog…

I have started a blog just for the GFCF recipes that we have tried and loved. It can be found at My GFCF Recipe Blog. Not an original title, I know, but I couldn’t think of another to save my life. I’m open to suggestions. LOL!

Love one another!

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Goodbye to our old friend…

We had to say good-bye to our old friend Zoey today. Zoey was our beloved Lab, she would have been 13 on Valentine’s day. We have had her since our daughter was 3 years old, she can’t even remember a time without Zoey in our family.


This picture of Zoey was taken in October, on her way to the vet’s office. October was when she started going downhill, but it’s only in the past few weeks that she really took a turn for the worse. She loved going in the car, and even to the vet’s office!

My sweet Hubby took her to the vet today, in the car (her favorite) to have her put to sleep. He got the toughest job. I just stayed home and sat on the couch with Christine, all snuggled up, while cried together. Joshua was down for his nap during most of it, but he was up for the beginning of it. Christine crying, and Joshua laughing.

Joshua laughs hysterically when someone is sobbing. I don’t know what it is about it that he finds so humorous, but he laughs his booty off. It’s mainly a good thing though. It’s tough to be sad with Josh there laughing and so happy. During one of her sobbing spells today, Christine said “I wish I was like Joshua!”. He is our boy who is always happy! He does, of course, get hurt and cry, and he worries when mama leaves him with someone, but he’s oblivious to to stuff like the dog dying. He’s oblivious at this stage in his life, I don’t know if he’ll remain that way or not as he grows.

She was such a sweet girl, we’ll miss our Zoey!

Love one another,

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Giving while receiving…

Give food to the hungry while improving your vocabulary. What could be better than that?

Love one another!~Yvonne

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Do you have Celiac?

Very informative article by one of my new favorite bloggers, Gluten Free Girl; Do you have Celiac?

I am in the latter category that she mentions. I have not yet been offically tested for Celiac, I just went off gluten and found a new lease on life, therefore I don’t feel I need to be tested. I have, however, called a GI doctor that a friend of mine sees, just out of curiosity if the bloodtest will show what I know. The soonest they could get me in was June! That tells me there are a lot of people out there dealing with some kinds of gastro-intestinal stuff. How sad! My nephew sees a GI doc for his acid reflux, which by the way has almost ceased since being put on a gfcf diet. Hooray for Eli!

There is so not only a lot to learn but a lot to unlearn!

Love one another,

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Isn’t it beautiful?

Picture 4088.jpg

Christine sewed this whimsical apron for herself, with the help of her wondeful sewing teacher! Thanks Lindiepindie for your guidance, we are both so grateful to you, for your help and for the picture! :-)

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