Not my plans…

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Well I actually made it out of the bed by 7:30 this morning, with the help of my dear Hubby. I wanted to be up by 7:00 by he forgot and was rushing around. I usally get up about 8:30, sometimes we sleep until 9:00, but now that I am going to start having a young one in the house again, plus get more school work done than ever before…I just have to get an earlier start to my day. It was funny this morning, Hubby came in told me to give him my hands and he pulled up to a standing position to make sure that I would not roll back over, does this sound like getting your teen out of bed? It’s so sad, but I just need help! I have been reading Terri Maxwell’s Managers of Their Homes book and she says that if you can’t get up on your own at first have your husband push you out of the bed, anything it takes…and hopefully it will only take a couple of weeks of that and you’ll be able to do it on your own. She doesn’t know me though. :-) I really am trying though, I promise!Today I worked at my mom’s office for a couple of hours and then went on to work at my friend’s used homeschool bookstore that is opening it’s doors for the first time tomorrow. It is so exciting to have a place like that close by, and a great advantage to work there and get to go through everything before anyone else sees it, she does it all on a consignment basis. I get giddy around all of those books! I have already got a pile behind the counter that’s “MINE!”. Oh, there really needs to be more hours in a day, so many books, so little time…

Another adoption class tonight, it was really very informative. We found out that any child adopted through CPS in the state of Texas gets free college tuition at any public college in the state! Isn’t that cool? We still haven’t finished the process…a few more classes and the homestudy are still needed, and I can’t stop thinking about Emmanuel, I know he probably won’t be there any longer by the time we are finished with the process. I just need to remember that the child we are supposed to have can’t be adopted by anyone else, God’s plans cannot be changed.

Dear Lord, help me to remember that your plans cannot be thwarted, that you already know the child that will soon be a part of our family. Help me to use this time to grow closer to you, to completely lean on you for understanding and that I will grow stronger in you so that when we are placed with a child I will be able to weather the hard times of adjustment.

Love one another~Adrienne


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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! Adoption Update

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