Sweetie Sam

August 10, 2005 at 4:14 am Leave a comment

My nephew, Sam, lies in my bed asleep right now; not well, because of a cough. His brothers weren’t feeling well so I took him hoping to give my Sis a break, but it looks as if he may be coming down with something himself. I pray that all the little guys get well soon.

Sam’s birthday is tomorrow, he will be five years old, amazing! Here he is on our camping trip to the Texas State Railroad in April:

This one is taking a bath in my sink when he was 2, I love this one.

06-26-2002   3

This one is Sam being Sam; a pest! LOL! Poor Zoey had to put up with a lot when he was that age. :-)

07-10-2002  12

Sam lived with me until he was three years old, so in many ways I consider him to be as much like my own as my own daughter is. I am extremely thankful for this little guy.

He and I are the “2 Sweetie’s”, that is what we call each other, “Sweetie”, except he has now changed his name to Tinky Sweetie for some reason. :-) Of course not long ago he told me the story of how he wants to have a baby in his tummy to have his “own baby”, (why a five year old boy wants his own baby, I have no idea) and that he was going to name his baby Tinky Sweetie, and feed it with a bottle because his b##bies are too small. Where does he come up with these things! In July he attended a t-ball camp and when one of the teens taking him to the restroom asked his name he said “Sweetie”, she said “Honey, I am sure that is what your mommy calls you, but what is your name?” He said, “Sweetie”. I think he likes our little nicknames for each other!

Now, I shall go cuddle up with my Sweetie. Happy Birthday Sweetie Sam! You are a gift of the Lord to me!

06-22-2002  43


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