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Nothing new to report on our adoption, except that I submitted our homestudy for a little girl also this weekend. Her name is Madison and she is one year old.

I am home with my nephew Sam, Christine and Hubby have gone off fishing at Grandad’s house for the day. I am sure they will have some great “fish stories” when they get back home, which may not be until tomorrow. Hubby’s dad lives on a lake in east Texas, they like to go there every couple of months for a fishing day, and if the fishing is really good they will stay and do it again the next day. Sometimes, I go with them, but most of the time I stay home because while we are there I am usually all alone in the house all day while they fish, the boat only seats three.

I doubt that Sam and I will try to go anywhere today, they left us with Hubby’s car, which has no air conditioning and today the heat index is supposed to be 105! I think I am in for a day of building lots of things with Kids Knex and Magnetix! Sam’s in the tub right now, playing with all of the foam letters and numbers that stick to the wall. He can stay in an inch of water for hours with those things! UPDATE: That was yesterday, I didn’t have time to finish the post because Sam had finally decided to get his little raisen body out of the tub! He took three baths while he was here so that he could play with the letters and numbers, and as soon as his brother Evan came with Dad to pick him up today, he took him upstairs to show him the tub! :-) They were a hit!

Hubby and Christine are on their way home right now, should be here within the hour, I missed them! I have been trying for the past hour to make heads or tails of the school schedule and payments that I have gotten us into! Christine will be taking Math, Latin, Language Arts, U.S. History, and Mechanics of Writing elsewhere this semester, and I still need to be able to afford piano lessons somehow. I am sitting here trying t figure out if I need to do anything at home still? I do plan on doing the KONOS Explorers unit with her also, full semester, but I thought it would go very well with the history she will be taking. I will think of it soon, I hope!

Okay, I am off to ponder the school schedule again, we will be starting everything on the 29th of this month so I don’t have much time left. I think the adoption has been taking up all of my brain space the last month!

Love one another~Adrienne


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Homestudy response! Another submission…

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