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I finally finished up our life book today! I used iPhoto and made an iPhoto book. I have never ordered one before so I am hoping it turns out like I think it will. I sat in my bedroom, in 95 degree heat (something was wrong with the air conditioner) and clicked and dragged photos trying to come up with photo captions. It took about three hours for me to make it, trying to choose just the right pictures. This is the book that will be shown to case workers who are interested in our family after reading our homestudy. It has been two weeks since we submitted our study for the kids now, so I thought I had better get it finished in case any of them do call our agency soon. (It feels longer than two weeks, is that really all it’s been?) I wish I could show it to you!

I told Hubby it’s great having my own personal sauna; do some work, shed some pounds all at the same time. :-) Why had I never thought of it before? I thought it was hilarious after being up in my room, I had to go out to the car to get something…and it felt cool outside! It was probably the same temperature outside, but since my room doesn’t have a breeze, it felt about 10 degrees cooler. Amazing. I didn’t think that anything would make it feel cool outside right now.

Hubby played Playstation much of the weekend, he is just not himself lately. I think the heat is taking quite a toll on him. UPS is a backbreaking job, but add 105 degree weather to it, and not getting off until 8:30 each night and it’s almost unbearable. He makes it through each week, without complaint, but when he gets off on Friday night I can almost see him collapsing and he doesn’t get going again until he has to on Monday morning. It has only been this way the past month with this terrible heat. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for his job, we are well provided for, but it’s just strange to watch my Hubby act this way. His usual idea of relaxing is pulling weeds and trimming trees, he has a secret dream to be Edward Scissorhands I think. :-) I just pray that we get a bit of Fall feeling around here soon!

Watching the news right now, they are showing many of the evacuees housed at local Meacham Field…they are having a celebration, celebrating their survival and praising God and thanking Him for the love shown to them in Texas. It’s amazing, watching all of these wonderful stories each day. Many of the evacuees will be out looking for jobs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area tomorrow, may God make their seaches fruitful!

Love one another~Adrienne


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