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Things are now not so sure for us on getting Will. My little episode Friday has scared his caseworkers a bit. They say it is because they are concerned for my health, I hope it is that and not that they think I am emotionally unstable. I was, as you all saw a bit panicked on Friday. I handled the stress poorly, but I cannot go back and change it now. It is frustrating, but that’s just the way it is.

They wanted me to be checked out by my doctor to make sure I am alright, so I went in yesterday and had some tests run on me. They did an EKG, and ran some blood tests. The EKG was normal and I will hear about the blood work by the end of the week. My doctor says because my blood pressure is so low that when I am stressed and it puts pressure on my vagus nerve and what she termed a “vasovagal syncope”. I have found a few websites on it and read, and now that I read all of this it makes such sense. I have struggled with this before, but just never knew what it was!! In response to intense stress your heart rate and blood pressure drop, which reduces blood flow to your brain. This causes a feeling of warmth, lightheadedness, and dimming of vision and hearing, it always affects my arms first, they get numb and tingly feeling. This does not happen to me all the time by any means but it has happened several times in my life when I have been anticipating something stressful. I have always had very low blood pressure, my mom and Grandpa too, and yesterday she said it was very low even for me, she told me to eat a lot of pickles to get more salt into my body, and/or drink gatorade type drinks, and to stay hydrated.

If you are interested in reading any of the information on vasovagal syncope here are a few websites: HERE and AND HERE.

The best part of learning this is that I have learned through reading at these sites that if I am going to be in situations that would normally cause me to have a reaction I should increase my consumption of fluids and salt to increase my blood volume, and if I feel it coming on at all by the arm tingling, I can lie down with my feet elevated and it the feeling should go away.

I have had the same situation in the past whenever I’ve had any medical procedure, saw Christine get stiches in her leg, got my nose pierced, and now seeing my hope-to-be son and his foster mom at the doctor’s office. All times of anxiety. My Hubby thinks that this is just so like me, he has always called me “fragile”. He seems to like it in a strange way that I am “fragile”, maybe it makes him feel like I need him, my big strong man. :-)

I just pray that Will’s caseworkers will not let this keep us from getting Will. L., my caseworker, said that his CW Christine understood that meeting your new forever child may be stressful. I just hope that they don’t think I am going to faint all the time. I have made it through almost thirteen years of Christine’s life now and it hasn’t impeded my abilitly to parent her at all. I pray they think the same way.

Love one another~Adrienne


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Thanks to all… Looking up…

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