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October 11, 2005 at 5:21 am Leave a comment


God is so good! My caseworker, L., got a hold of someone about Will finally today. Will has been moved from the foster unit to the adoption unit now, and L.  has a long and good relationship with his new caseworker! She explained to her about my nephew Eli, and why they thought that we would be a good match for Will in the first place and she is willing to going ahead with our family! :-) Hooray! We are going to be able to go and visit with him a couple of more times, but on these next couple of visits we will be allowed to pick Will up and take him with us somewhere for a couple of hours, to allow him time to get used to being with us, and after that they will schedule an overnight visit at our home to see how that goes. If they all go well then there would be no reason for them to not go ahead and let us bring him home. I am very hopeful!

MORE good news…we are scheduled to have Joshua’s presentation this Thursday the 13th and then go to Austin on the 21st and bring him home with us on the 22nd. His foster mom sounds so sweet, she is going to have a cookout on that night of the 21st for us, she is so happy that Joshua is getting a family of his own. There was a family that he was with for a good part of his life, they had wanted to adopt him, but then ended up divorcing. The dad really loves Joshua, but he couldn’t take care of him on his own, it’s really very sad. We will get to meet him while we are there too, the foster mom has invited him to the cookout. He sounds like a really neat man. Joshua has been very loved, I am so thankful for that! We will be with him in only ten more days!

I hope to be telling you soon when we get to have our next visits with Will!

A friend of mine is hosting a baby shower for me on Sunday afternoon, I am very excited about that, but nervous too. I makes me quite uncomfortable being the center of attention, but I am SO thankful for it, we need many things for two toddler boys! I am so appreciative of all the support we are getting, it so awesome and humbling…

Love one another~Adrienne


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An update… The difference a day can make…

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