The baby shower…

October 16, 2005 at 5:41 am Leave a comment

Today was our “baby” shower, I wish you all could have been there, although my friend Marlain, who threw the shower for me, is probably quite glad that you weren’t. :-) Her house was busting with my dear friends and family, it was fabulous! I was overwhelmed by everyone’s excitement for us in our adoption, and feel extraordinarily blessed by God to have such incredible friends and family to support us in our journey. It was so encouraging!

Marlain did an awesome job with the shower games, she had my Hubby and I play a sort of Newlywed game, it was quite entertaining. Hubby was too cute, of course, and gave his usual slippery sort of answers, I tell him he must be related to our former democratic president. :-) It was a cute idea, and I enjoyed it. (Not to insult the person I know who really IS related to Bill C.) :-) The cake was DELISH, I don’t know what kind it was, but YUMMY! I don’t know exactly how many people were there, but there were many. I was overwhelmed by how many presents we received, including a jogging stroller and a carseat, wonderful books and toys, and Joshua is going to be one very well dressed kiddo. Snazzy! Christine surprised me by crocheting two beautiful wash cloths for Joshua, I was really surprised and so proud of her. They are just beautiful! I’ll share pictuers later.

Hubby has decided on Joshua’s middle name, it will be Paul. Doesn’t that just sound fabulously strong? Joshua Paul… I just love it! We had two wonderful friend’s make beautiful blankets for Joshua with his name embroidered on them, they are so nice, I love them both! One is crib sized and the other is twin sized so he will always be able to use one or the other, perfect!

I have been nesting in his room. :-) Christine is helping me. We are going to wrestle with the closet in there tomorrow, it’s amazing how much stuff I have crammed into that little closet! I hope I can find someplace to put it all, if not the old stand by is available…the garage. Hubby just loves, ha, ha, when I put junk out in “his” garage. :-)

Well…off to bed now for me, this day has been very full and I am ready to get to sleep and have sweet dreams of it all. :-)

Love one another~Adrienne


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