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October 18, 2005 at 5:43 am Leave a comment

My wonderful friend, Marlain, has started her own blog here on homeschoolblogger! Please go and visit her and say “HI”, she has been such a good friend to me, she is the BookCoverMom!

I had coffee with Tiffany of Grown at Home last night! We have been talking on the phone quite a bit about adoption stuff, she and her family are using the same agency as us, but last night was the first time to get to really chat in person. Very fun! It has been so great that the Lord has given me someone going through the same process as us to talk to!

We are still in the process of house cleaning around here and it’s going very slowwwww…It’s the week my cycle will start and I am always so tired and just sort of drag around, I’ll have small bursts of energy and then hit the wall and become so tired. We are getting there though, and will definitely be finished by the time we leave Friday morning! :-) Samantha told me yesterday, “it’s not going to take you four days to clean your house”, well the way I’m going, it just might! Sigh…

Tomorrow is the big day, the presentation for Joshua! I need to fill out paperwork tonight and come up with a list of questions that I have for them so that I don’t forget something. I wish it were Friday already!!

Christine is so excited, she spends so much of her time in his room now, just waiting… looking at his clothes and rearranging toys and blankets. Marlain has ordered her a “Big Sister” shirt, I think she will probably be wearing it proudly all of the time. I forsee her washing in the sink every night so that she can wear it over and over again. :-) She is such a sweetie pye! ;-)

Off to clean more! :-)

Love one another~Adrienne


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The baby shower… Almost there…

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