Life has changed, I love it!

October 27, 2005 at 5:50 am Leave a comment

Yes, our little elf is keeping me very busy! I have been pretty tired the past couple of days getting used to this new routine, and just getting to know Joshua. He is a VERY busy little guy, VERY cute, VERY sweet… He sleeps really well, but when he is awake, he isn’t still for more than ten seconds. ;-)

When we first saw him, he played happily by himself for long periods of time and never fussed, he did it for a couple of days after we got home, but now, when Mommy leaves the room…I hear about it. LOL! I think that we can safely say that bonding is taking place, and that goes for both of us!

Every day feels more and more “normal” and “right” and I am VERY into normal and right. I like weekdays because they are more “normal” than weekends, I know what to expect from them, there is a rythym to them that weekends just don’t have, at least not here at our house. I love for my Hubby to be home on the weekends though, and I know I will even more now with a toddler in the house.

Christine is loving being a big sister for the first time, she loves to give him his bath at night the most. He loves water and has a blast in the tub! I think they are going to be good buds, he lights up when she walks in the room.

We have been keeping things very low key around here this week, for him and for us. I feel as if I have finally touched down after my life being in the air for quite a while. It’s nice. Very nice. I have left the house once this week, in the car that is, we have taken many walks around the neighborhood, enjoying our beautiful weather. Next week we will be back into the old routine of taking Christine to all of her classes. Joshua needed a week at home to know where home is now!

Christine and Hubby just came in to tell me that they sat in Joshua’s room without him knowing it, watching him play until he feel asleep, the say “it was so cute”. You see that we aren’t enjoying him or anything. :-)

Bedtime for this tired Mommy…

Love one another~Adrienne


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Our own little elf… Update…

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