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I had been trying to make my own corn tortillas by rolling them out with a rolling pin…not too easy, at least for me. My sweet Momma bought me this very cool tortilla press from World Market and I love it!


All I have to do now is take a ball of Masa mix, put it between 2 pieces of plastic wrap, and then close it and press the handle down, and then you get the flat tortilla that is all ready for the skillet.


You just stick it on the skillet for a minute on each side and they are all finsished! Yummy!

Joshua already can’t wait until he can cook! Here he is enjoying his cousins’ kitchen set yesterday. I think he was washing up some dishes. :-)

Doin' some dishes

This was a hilarious sight from yesterday at my sister’s house…I walked into the living room and found Eli and Jeremiah having a Goldfish feast on the living room floor. Eli looks like he’s thinking “Oh no, we’ve been caught!”

Oops you caught us!

I am researching the curriculum Tapestry of Grace right now, and I am really looking forward to the homeschool book fair in a couple of weeks, where I can see it for myself. Anyone reading used it before?

Love one another!~Adrienne


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Odds and ends… Cute gift…

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