The week, in pictures…

July 15, 2006 at 1:22 am Leave a comment


My nephew Jeremiah, the clown of the family, washing his hair.
Jeremiah washing his hair, sooo cute!

Jeremiah, Josh, and Eli in the tub at my sister’s house, Sam and Evan are at the other end. 5 boys in a tub at once!
Jeremiah, Josh and Eli

Josh now likes to walk up the stairs instead of crawling. He really gets those little feet going fast! His therapist, yesterday, showed me how to let him hold the railings as he goes, so that when he does do it on his own, he will already know how.
Josh walking upstairs

After trying just about everything else, moving furniture to block entries, and many other things…Hubby installed a sheet of plexiglass over the entrance to the fireplace to keep Joshua OUT of it! He is not too happy with the new arrangement that has spoiled all of his fun! I on the other hand am giddy with joy everytime he tries to get into it and finds the plexiglass still there. Ha,ha!
Foiled fun! Fireplace covered in plexiglass!

We had a fun time visiting with “old friends” whom we haven’t seen in TOO long this week! My friend Elaine and her girls, Alison and Mallory.
Alison, Cay and Mallory

My nephew, Eli, had his evaluation at the NACD this past Monday. I went along, since Josh will be the next one to go! The NACD organization “teaches parents how to utilize a multitude of therapies to create new neurological pathways in the brain of their impaired child thereby circumventing the injured or malfunctioning areas of the brain”.
Eli on the way to his NACD eval

It has been an extremly busy week, and now I am off to spend a few hours by myself, thanks to dear Hubby!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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