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Date night: Lady In The Water last Saturday night. I really enjoyed it. Click on the link to read the Focus on the Family-Plugged In review.



Fresh goat's milk...

Fresh, raw goat’s milk. Joshua is lactose intolerant, and his new program at the NACD suggests that he be taken off of all dairy because of his chronic congestion and ear infections. I found a local woman who sells fresh raw goat’s milk, and this has been our second week of drinking it around here. Joshua has has NO symptoms of his usual lactose intolerance, the lactose in goat’s milk is much different than in cow’s milk, and much easier to digest, plus I am giving him a good pro-biotic which helps with lactose digestion also. Joshua loves the goat’s milk and seems to be putting on some needed weight also. We buy it in the half gallon canning jars, but I found them much too hard to pour from, so I found the neat half gallon glass jar on the left from The Container Store tonight, I love it!

Josh listening to tunes to relax at the hospital

This is a picture of Joshua at the hospital on Wednesday. His ENT put tubes in his ears that day. There was a little boy in pre-op in the very next cubicle who was pretty loud and upset beforehand, so I put my headphones on Josh, with some classical music playing, and he seemed to really relax and enjoy listening. :-) I am SO blessed to have a Hubby who will take the day off of work to be with us for events such as this!!! The procedure went very smoothly, but he was VERY upset when coming out of sedation, he woke up and didn’t know where he was or who the people around him were…Hubby and I asked the nurse if we could please just take him home right away, for he would not calm down while there, thankfully she consented. Sure enough, in the car on the way home he calmed down with a good bottle of apple juice, Mommy kissing his hands (one of his FAVORITE things) and some Wiggles in the car stereo. After we made it home, he ate a bit of baby cereal, and quickly went to sleep once in his crib…four hours later, he awoke and you would never have known by his behaviour that anything had happened. Thank you Lord!!

Miss CaySam

Christine and my nephew, Sam, left yesterday to spend the rest of the week in San Antonio at my mom’s house. Tomorrow they are going to Sea World! I am so jealous :-) I told them to kiss a dolphin for me and to bring me home a penguin, they are so cute! I am missing my baby girl and my Sweetie!

I am bird sitting Christine’s bird, Lydia, while she is gone. Christine actually wrote instructions out for me of what to do with Lydia, and one of them included “Play with her for at least 30 minutes and day. You can either just cuddle with her, or you can play some ball with her.” He,he,he,he,he!! :-)

Love one another!~Adrienne


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