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I have spent way too much time today trying to set up an E-baby seller’s account, working on an auction template and listing my first item. My dear Hubby is convinced that we need to sell things on E-bay, and I have decided to throw in the towel and give it a try. I can navigate the computer pretty well when searching blogs and shopping, but this has, so far, been the headache that I thought it would be. He can no longer say I haven’t tried though. So, we are officially set up, and going, going, hopefully gone…seven days from now.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Christmas party given by our adoption/foster agency. It was a wondeful time, despite the fact that some of us still were not feeling the best in the world. I am glad that we made it anyhow. I held a four month old baby boy named Bobby that is being fostered by some friends from our Pride training class, and boy was he cute and so tiny! He may be up for adoption in the next few months, we have told our agency and the foster parents that we are interested in adopting him if we do not have another child by then. I could have brought him home right then, I just have no idea at this point who our next child will be! I am open to whomever the Lord brings our way. I didn’t think I even wanted a baby, until I held Bobby, then a sudden change of heart!

Here are some pictures of Joshua sitting with Santa at the party.

A candy cane for me? Wow! Thanks Santa!
A candy cane for me?  Thanks Santa!

Hey! Who took my candy cane, and WHY won’t Santa let me pull his beard?
Hey, who took my candy, and WHY won't Santa let me pull his beard?

The first thing he did was put his fingers through Santa’s eyeglasses and try to chew on his beard. He is a hoot! Joshua is obsessed with hair, so you can imagine how tempting that fluffy white beard was for him! :-)

We bought our very first real tree this year! A noble fir, it’s quite elegant indeed! Christine and I had a great time decorating it, listening to Christmas music, and picking out all our favorite ornaments to put on the tree.

Cay by our real tree!

Cay's favorite new ornament

Christine’s first ornament


Christine is calling; she is not feeling well today either. All of these drastic Texas weather changes cause a lot of sickness around here! Last week it was snowing, today it reached eighty degrees I think! That’s Texas for you!

Love one another!~Yvonne


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Random thoughts tonight… I’m a happy girl!

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