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Finally…some new videos!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My favorite two are the third and fourth from the left.  Joshua has been working hard to pick things up with a pincer grasp, and he’s getting sooo good at it!  He’s also been practicing his hammering skills on his pound a ball toy, he really had a tough time hanging on to the hammer in the beginning, but now he has a death grip on it and can is actually starting to raise him arm and lower it in a hammering motion.  I am so proud of him and how hard he is willing to work!  He amazes me daily with his wonderful attitude!

Love one another!~Yvonne


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Merry Christmas!

Josh is most happy eating the tree garland!  Cay looks beautiful though!

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas eve celebration with Hubby’s family tonight.Every year someone in the family stands up before the Chinese gift exchange begins and reads something they have either found or written that tells of the true meaning of Christmas to them. Hubby was chosen this year and I cannot tell you how proud I was of him, he chose the topic of adoption, our adoption of Joshua-telling everyone more about him-and then tying that in with how we are all adopted sons and daughters of God. We are brothers and sisters of the Christ whom we await to come again, the Christ Child whose birthday that we celebrate tomorrow. My Hubby was so emotional while speaking to everyone, he has such a soft heart, I just kept thinking how I love that man. His love for the Lord has always, from the very beginning has been one of the most beautiful and attractive things about him to me. I thank God for him!

Everyone else is in bed, and I just finished preparing our breakfast, a baked french toast casserole that has a praline topping. Sounds delicious, but I have not ever made it before, so I really hope that it’s a yummy one! I’ll make some bacon and hash-browns to go with it in the morning. It’s a surprise to everyone, I didn’t want them to know what it is until they wake up in the morning. :-) Hubby grew up with his mama making homemade waffles every Christmas morning, but try as I might, I can get them quite right, I never get my egg whites fluffy enough or folded in quite the right way. So I am hoping this new recipe will be a hit, and that after almost fifteen years of married life that we can have a new tradition! Ha,ha! A gal can hope can’t she?

Christine and I have discovered a new love this week…the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. What a hoot! We love it, and I can’t believe that we haven’t seen it until now. We have already watched it four times! Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet and let me know if you liked it or not. Of course, if you don’t like musicals it won’t be your cup of tea. :-)

Here is a Christmas funny a friend sent me from the comic Family Circus, I think I remember that feeling as a kid. :-)


Well, I better get myself off to bed with the others. We have another day of lots of family. I can’t wait, it’s one of the best parts of Christmas to me!

Love one another! I pray that you will grow closer to our Saviour in the coming year!

Much love,


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A movie I watch over and over…


I Remember Mama. is such a touching movie. I DVR’d this movie from my very favorite channel, Turner Classic Movies, and have watched it 5 times since. Oh, it’s just a truly touching view of this family’s life and the way they value and care for each other. I enjoyed every single cast member, and you may remember young Katrin, who is played by a very young Barbara Bel Geddes, Miss Eliie from Dallas. Definitely, a new favorite!

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Must watch for learners of ASL…


Christine checked out both of these videos from our public library and they are both really good teaching videos. Be sure and check your library, if they don’t have them maybe you could get it through inter-library loan.

The first one is: I Want to Learn Sign Language! this one is listed for ages 5-12, but I think it is good for any beginner. This one is volume 1, so of course there is a volume 2 also. We have only watched the first one so far. Christine has already memorized every sign in that first one, so we will be getting volume 2 tomorrow, our library day. The acting is a bit cheesy, but the teaching is wonderful!

The second video is one even your youngest ones will enjoy! Sign-Me-A-Story, this one stars Linda Bove, whom we all know from Sesame Street. Ms. Bove and some fellow actors are signing actors who are acting out the fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, while someone narrates what is being signed. It is so cute. Christine took this one with her when she babysat the neighbor children last week and they all loved it and even the 5 year old was able to tell her back the signs for the story.

I hope you can find them and that you enjoy them. They were such a neat find, the library is wonderful!

Love one another!~Adrienne

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