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July 7, 2006 at 1:24 am Leave a comment

Joshua looking amazed at his first fireworks. :-)
Josh watching fireworks

Josh and Nana at our family 4th celebration.
Nana and Josh

I realized I haven’t given a Josh update in a while, and had some pictures to share too. Josh has been having a horrible time cutting his two year molars recently. One of them came through in one night! The night before I had felt a small edge of one tooth, and then the next morning he opened up his mouth for a bite of oatmeal and I saw blood and a huge tooth! I don’t remember any of Christine’s teeth ever coming through like that, it was a much more gradual thing. Well, only three more to go now, I know he will be glad when they are all in, and Advil is no longer in his bottle. :-)

The little monkey is getting much quicker at climbing on things now! Too quick! :-) Pulling up to the kitchen counter is a new favorite activity and the guy is so tall that he can reach right up on the counter…not good, especially for his sister’s china tea cup. OOPS! (He has promised to buy her a new one the next time mom takes him to World Market!) I have to now be very careful what I leave on the counters when he is around, I forsee a gated kitchen in our future! Otherwise he may grab a big knife or pull a pot of boiling water down on himself, oh, it’s much more complicated whenever your little one is so tall!

Joshua LOVED the fireworks display we watched. He loved the lights and the noise, it would look surprised and just gaze up and then giggle and giggle over the noise. It was really fun for all of us to watch his reaction!

We will soon be starting a new therapy, with the NACD. My nephew, Eli, will be going through it also, my sister and I are very lucky to have each other to go through these kinds of things with. I am going to go with my sis and Eli on Monday to Eli’s evaluation at the NACD here in Texas. Joshua won’t be starting the program for a couple of months still, we are still in the saving process, but it won’t be much longer now.

Well…I’ll have to update more at another time, I just saw the clock!

Love one anoher!~Adrienne


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